Medicare Supplement

Fill the gaps in Medicare coverage by exploring Medicare Supplement Insurance options with us.

Medicare Advantage

Take advantage of dental coverage, prescription drug coverage and more when you explore Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Part D

Avoid paying for your prescriptions out of pocket. Take a look at how you can benefit from Medicare Part D plans.

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Find the Insurance You Need for Your Later Years

We can help you fill the Medigap and find the right life insurance coverage

As you age, your needs change. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re fully covered at every stage of life. Helping Hands for Senior Plans, LLC is here to help! We are an independent insurance agency located in Omaha, NE that specializes in Medicare Supplement, Advantage, Part D and life insurance policies for senior citizens.

We know how important it is to prepare for the future, especially at this stage in your life. Count on our insightful and knowledgeable agents to provide the personalized support you need.

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Get answers to your insurance questions

Once you officially become a senior citizen, you will most likely have plenty of questions about your insurance coverage, such as:

1. At what point should I start investigating Medicare plans?
2. How will I pay for medical bills that aren’t covered by my Medicare plan?
3. How can I find the right Medicare plan for me?
4. How will my family handle my affairs once I’m gone?

At Helping Hands for Senior Plans, it’s our goal to supply you with the tools and guidance you need to fully explore your available options, to help you make the right insurance decisions and to give you the answers you deserve.

Make plans for the future today

Get personalized support from independent agents

For 35 years, clients just like you have depended on Helping Hands for Senior Plans to guide them through the ins and outs of Medicare and other senior insurance options. Our independent agents are committed to serving you, not the insurance companies. Count on our dedication to help you fully understand what’s available, find the right insurance coverage and shop for the most competitive rates.

If you’re ready to partner with an A+ rated BBB company to reach your insurance goals, contact Helping Hands for Senior Plans today! Call 402-934-3990 or toll free at 866-387-9948 to get started.

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